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Plug Ins

We all use the odd plugins at times, I used one for this for this monochrome rendering. It did an OK job and quickly but It I would have rendered the imaged a lot better manually. The colour version which I prefer. Documentary Photography China & Cambodia taken in 2017 – images in China where taken while working for the organisation Gap Minder. Jonathan is involved in multiple long term ...

Mixing Of Styles

Recently been adding impact to my commercial fashion photography. Been pleased with the results so far. Here the model and actor Dominique Jeswal posed in Bangkok’s China Town district for me.

Talat Noi’s Famous Car

There is often a question of people waiting to photograph this car, last night I put another model in front of her. The obvious juxtaposition is a theme a return to often.    


STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP Studio Photography Group Courses at our Bangkok based Photography Studio, Charoen Krung Road Bangkok. Each class will be limited to five students only, we will be covering all the lighting fundamentals, equipment use and effects both inside our fully equipped fashion photography studio and on location. These classes are three hours long and run as evening classes ...

Fighting Against The Trawlers.

  This image was taken in 1993 or possibly 1994. I was working for Manager Magazine and decided to live with a Muslim Fishing village in Trang for around about 15 days. I learnt to place the nets out at night and pull them in in the morning. I think this was my 2nd ever assignment for the magazine. The villagers were some of the kindest people I have ever met. One funny thing was though, ...
Fashion Street Portrait Photography On Location, Bangkok


Portrait Photography Bangkok: The featured image was taken during a photography workshop. The location was scouted out two days before and I am sure will be used again, maybe as a more funded TFP or even a commercial fashion photography shoot. I just love the juxtaposition of the rust, old car and young model. The second image was again photographed using a pre-scouted location, a Nikon ...
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STUDIO PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY I invited this street seller to sit for me at the old photography studio in Bangkok, for a portrait. I used a single honeycomb grid on a reflector at a 45 degree ‘Rembrandt’ angle. It was the first studio portrait I had done for quiet sometime as my career moved to documentary photography since moving to Asia. I, like most photographers, have to be ...


Product Photography at our studio in Bangkok, Thailand. Today’s pact shot looked rather rather inviting, specially towards the end of a long day’s work photographing the thing. But as no one remembered the lime we decided not to imbue the contents..honest!
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Kunming China Documentary Photography: I spent a year documenting families in China using a very simple non artistic approach. These grandparents refusing to be moved out by developers while all the buildings around them have been knocked down. The grandfather is a very talented calligrapher. Fascinating chatting and getting to know them, lovely people.  For more images visit  Photography ...
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Portrait Photography in Bangkok: Really was just trying out the new studio yesterday, works great, here we used my large beauty dish hung from the over head rail system. I wanted to emphasise Matas’ jawline. I edit RAW files in Capture 1 nowadays, so much better for tethered photography too than say Lightroom. Should work well with my Phase One Camera.  

New Bangkok Photography Studio For Hire

Thailand: My Bangkok based Photography studio is situated right in the centre of the now very trendy China Town area. I have a fully equipped Bowen Mono Head set of lights, beauty dishes, soft box at all sizes. They are all available for hire either at the studio or for location work. If you are coming to Bangkok and need to hire a photography studio or photography equipment then we have ...