I invited this street seller to sit for me at the old photography studio in Bangkok, for a portrait. I used a single honeycomb grid on a reflector at a 45 degree ‘Rembrandt’ angle. It was the first studio portrait I had done for quiet sometime as my career moved to documentary photography since moving to Asia.

I, like most photographers, have to be masters at more than one type of photography genre to make a living nowadays. Including, Fashion, Commercial, Corporate & Event Photography. Photojournalism. My much loved Documentary Photography assignments are fewer than before, in this digital age. But that is an old subject now and one that has been discussed to tedium levels.

As to myself, the digital age and people’s love of photography, while possible diluting the quality of imagery out there has also provided me with the opportunity to teach photography at Photography School Asia, I have a branch in Bangkok, Thailand as well as in Siem Reap Cambodia. The joy I get from improving people’s photography levels and their enthusiasm has in itself given me a fresh love of the medium and awareness of how essential it is for me to be part of. I have been lucky to have had such wide experiences as a photographer from living in a cave in China to photographing corporate lawyers in London.

May this passion continue, J.