My back pages section is used as a photography archive showing photographs used from previous Photojournalist, Documentary & Commercial Photography Assignments. The photographs are from multiple countries including Thailand, United Kingdom, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia & Vietnam working for international publications, governmental and non governmental organisations, I have corporate photography too, as well as fashion photography.I will included detailed information on how I got the image, where, when why etc.

To start I will showcase one of my best known photographs. I photographed this while documenting a slum in Bangkok, there had been lots of drinking that day plus people smoking Methamphetamine ( Ya Ba or Crazy Medicine ). I lated documented the narcotic in much more detail over a course of around five years whilst working for Time Magazine, The Independent Weekend Magazine, Stern etc. Plus working with the BBC helping produce documentaries on the subject.

Next image – Roadside Taxi Birth Bangkok

Photojournalism Bangkok